Working in a corporate industry this question often arises that while there are multiple ways to promote your business, but which one stands out? 

Whether you are new in the market or old you always figure out a way to get yourself out there but when so many options are available should we invest in marketing or should we opt for advertising?

It is not easy spreading words for your brand out in the market. Lot of businesses find it as a tumultuous task to get the space their business need to expand which is even more challenging in the initial days. Depending on the type of business the owner use the appropriate channels to promote themselves. 

Here are few points why PR is better choice to go for in terms of promoting your business and getting a good word out there.

  1. PR is a credible source than Advertisements: This may sound a little astounding for people, but Public Relations is much more trustworthy than ads though ads have very high visibility, but they cannot be trusted and have no source to prove their worth. The major benefactor that works in this is the word of mouth. With ads people look more at statistics but with PR it depends how much people talk about you or the number of times you have been in the news.
  1. PR has a high reach – Ads are constructed taking in consideration their target audience and mode of channel to get it across. If the ad is for radio, they cannot be promoted on TV or online so the rigidness is lot with advertisements while this is not the case with PR. PR has a massive reach compared to advertisements as they can be used for any medium. The same Press Release can be shared in magazines, newspapers and online as well. PR works on building relationship rather than promotion. It mainly focuses on expansion and spread the word out from credible source. The results that are provided by PR are relevant and the lead too proves to be genuine. 
  1. PR is content rich – While ads consist of one or two lines, it doesn’t give us a peek of what goes in the making of a certain product or how it came into existence which why a lot of people will not cater to it and would just ignore it. Also, if you thinking of going for ads you will require big pockets to get it done and uncertain ROI.  With PR the process is exactly opposite as whatever the PR is about it is extremely rich in terms of content. This is the reason why a lot of big companies and businessmen invest in good PR. It offers the mass a reason to trust the businessmen in whatever they are selling.
  1. Budget Friendly – Ads as we know requires a huge budget this why a lot of marketers and business owners avoid them especially people who are new in the market. It cannot be afforded by everyone while PR can be done at minimal cost and staggering result plus the enormous reach. Owing to good relations within the industry sometimes it can be done free of cost, which also depends on the type of brand. With advertising just like the result is not guaranteed same way it doesn’t guarantee the growth of the brand.
  1. Promotes Awareness – Ads are all about sales. They only focus on selling their products which is why most people avert ads altogether no matter where they are being displayed. PR as we mentioned in the third point is as informative as it can get. It promotes information and all about putting you on the map. Successful people goes for information and the source both of which is encouraged by PR. PR doesn’t focus on selling and gaining customers but they have a long term goal of giving people what they really desire. They know perfectly whom to pitch and where the client would get the appropriate exposure that too in short period of time. 


These are some of the points that differs PR from Advertisements. Though PR can be a part of marketing process and many people confuse it with marketing, PR in itself is a separate genre of needing to be explored. It works on building relationship within the community rather than benefitting off of it. This is main reason why big names like TATA, Reliance, Dabur etc have their PR team that works not only on maintaining the image of the brand but also on broadcasting about the brand.

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