Online Gaming has been on a steady rise across India. It’s seen a spread since 2010.

Asia’s largest gaming platform, MG Lion is a growing online gaming medium with over a million users from beyond the continent. They offer an array of games, namely Cricket, Football, Hockey, Ludo, Table Tennis and more than 100s of them on the list. is owned by Mahi Golden and its parent company goes by the name of Golden Company. They started their business in the year 1999 and since then they have seen tremendous growth and interest of people in sports. And as a sports lover himself, they shifted from Traditional gaming to advanced gaming systems, keeping up with the trends and started various sports news as well as fantasy gaming sites in India. 

Among young sports fans today, MG Lion is on everyone’s lips. The parent company (Golden Company) has given the biggest associate sponsorship to Sri Lanka vs Pakistan match in the recent test series which was held between 24th to 28th July 2022. It had shown an unbelievable step-up on their online platform. Through this partnership, the cricket fans in India experienced a deeper engagement with the league. They had the chance to showcase their knowledge by applying it in the Game. The skills and understanding of over a million users on MG Lion were put to the test to score great winnings.

Indians’ love of sports and desire to feel a part of the game has fueled the growth of sports. Taking part in games is more satisfying for players than competing for rewards. Since participants are rewarded for leveraging knowledge and developing skills over time, winning prizes feels like a taste of contentment. This platform is certain that the amazing and thrilling matches of the upcoming leagues will keep the sports fans glued to their platform, thanks to its well-designed interface and user experience. To add to this, MG Lion is growing internationally after the progress of the Test series and sponsors for one-day international Matches including India Vs Zimbabwe happened on 18th August 2022. 

Mg Lion is on the popularity rise because of the quick and apt updates on the platform and the unique features on its website. The company has an expert team that looks after the technicalities and a 24X7 customer service team who manages all the queries and errors in the case. The main success of the company is because of a huge budget that they have fixed for marketing promotions to reach everyone. 

MG Lion has cashed in on the popularity of cricket and a few other sports – games that have attracted serious attention from several states. Sports lovers and enthusiasts between the ages of 20 and 35 make up the target audience of MG Lion. It is apparent that sports games have a bright future in India with a lot of new players and a lot of room for growth and innovation. 

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