Om Logistics Ltd (OLL) has acquired Transafe Services Limited, a group company of Balmer, Lawrie & Co. Ltd., with interests in manufacturing, logistics and leasing. Transafe started its journey through the leasing of various types of containers for road and rail transportation of goods. Gaining traction in this field, it organically forayed into the business of customized container manufacturing and logistics services. The company manufactures various type of containers i.e., tank containers, Reefer containers, ISO DVC’s – 20/40, Bunk houses, E-houses, etc. for multiple industry applications. 

Om Logistics Ltd, an innovative and future ready supply chain company, for long believed in expanding the purview of logistics in India and accession of Transafe is a step towards achieving the same. Om Logistics, with its three decades of experience in the field, is a full-service Supply chain management company with presence in over 2000 locations spanning 85 countries, over 20 million square feet of warehousing space and more than 5000 efficient employees. Through its dedication towards excellence and aspiration to fulfill customers’ requirements, Om Logistics has achieved an annual turnover of 1500 cr. and is associated with some of the world’s best-known brands.

Om Logistics Ltd has acquired Transafe Services Ltd at an enterprise valuation of Rs. 70 cr. With this, the company is set to further expand its reach and penetration into manufacturing and logistics sector. Mr Raghav Singhal, Director- Om Group, has expressed his elation on adding this important subsidiary to the company’s diverse business portfolio. “Transafe Services Ltd is the perfect addition to Om Logistics Ltd and this acquisition will allow us to enhance our capacities and capabilities to reach out to a wider range of customers and serve them better. With this incorporation, along with various other strategic developments, OLL is striving to become a holistic destination of diversified services for all its international and domestic customers,” comments Mr Singhal.

He further added that OLL shall continue to ensure similar strategic investments in future to consolidate supply chain offerings to customers. 

Another exciting statement comes from Mr Akash Bansal, Country Head, who says “We welcome the synergy between Transafe and Om Logistics. This acquisition highlights our growth goals in the industry and will certainly help to achieve the position of one of the strongest players in the international logistics scenario. Post this deal, Om Logistics will be in a position to support global networks to provide timely and cost-efficient solutions to customers at large. We are also investing significantly in new adaptive technologies to compete proactively with dynamic supply chain requirements.”

Om Logistics’ existing strength in the industry and the acquisition of Transafe will allow it to offer its wide array of services to untapped markets and provide customized and flexible storage solutions.

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