20th July,2021: The Board of Director of Laqshya Media Ltd. has decided to reward it’s employees by way of ESOPs for their hard work, long – term association and contribution in building the company. 

The company has announced the  Employees’ Stock Option Plan for which covers a wide spectrum of employees from junior to senior managers in the company. With this, Laqshya Media becomes the first Company in the Out of Home media industry to offer the stock options to its employees. 

Announcing the grant of ESOPs, the Managing Director of Laqshya Media Ltd. Mr. Alok Jalan said-  “ We recognize that core to our company is a culture of trust with our employees and the management team is committed to continue to earn that trust. In addition, we continue to foster an environment of employee recognition, respect and development while striving to achieve a healthy work-life balance. 

The company expects to take quantum leap from hereon in next couple of years. Laqshya will continue to evolve to address market and technology changes in order to become the leading provider of effective OOH solutions. We are also making significant investments into technology, business systems, research, facilities and equipment to enable us to provide innovative and timely services to our clients. Continued innovation and improvement in our service is key to sustaining client trust in the future. And on the same note, continuing to share ownership is one of the ways we maintain employee trust and commitment to succeed”.

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