Mumbai, April 13, 2022: Laqshya Media Group, one of the largest comprehensive marketing  communications groups in India recently executed India’s first immersive 3D anamorphic  installation for Tanishq’s season of bloom collection Live a Dream. It is installed at Bandstand  Promenade, Bandra in Mumbai. The display the LEDs create is called an anamorphic illusion or  anamorphosis, which is a distorted projection that reveals itself once you occupy a specific vantage  point. Hyper-realistic 3D DOOH billboards have been stunning passers-by on busy streets in China,  South Korea, US, UK, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Japan and now it has debuted in India with  Tanishq’s latest installation. Since its launch, people have appreciated this innovative technology all around the city for its jaw-dropping visuals. 

This season, discover the beauty of being surrounded by blissful blooms, colourful sparkles and  infinite possibilities. A true escape to floral charm, to a dream you can wear, forever. Imagined as  an art in harmony with nature, celebrating wings and bouquets of floral ombres, this collection is  encrusted with diamonds and colored stones in minimal & dainty pieces of distinct jewellery. Rings,  earrings, neckpieces all designed to charm you away to the land of your imagination. Find traces of  rose, tulip, lily, daisy, hydrangea and butterfly in this unique collection from Tanishq- that  transcends all senses, transporting you to the figment of your dreams- whimsical & fantasies. 

As technology progresses, the push for immersion and for a blended reality with our everyday  screens is what will define most of the future trends in the advertising industry and beyond. It  started with virtual reality (VR) and artificial reality (AR); now it is moving onto out-of-home. The  brief for this campaign was to do something dreamy, paradisal, surreal and larger than life and  introduce the collection to a broader set of audience in a way that is accessible, engaging, and  celebratory. This attention-grabbing OOH execution highlights a distinct diamond jewellery that  mirrors her desire. It is one thing seeing this effect on a video, but in real life, it creates a unique experience for the audience.  

Speaking about the partnership with Laqshya Media Group and on this campaign, Ranjani  Krishnaswamy, GM – Marketing, Tanishq, Titan Company Ltd said, “Tanishq has forged to  create new paradigms in the jewellery category. Keeping our consumers at the centre of all  conversations, we would like to create new narratives with innovation, collaboration, and  imagination. This April we are exploring the launch of our collection “Romance of Polki’ in an  immersive meta verse experience and today we are glad to bring another immersive experience for  yet another special collection ‘Live a Dream’. This first 3D installation is a senatorial experience to the  surreal world of dreams and brings alive the beauty, intricacy, and craftsmanship of the collection.  Special thanks to our partner Laqshya who have worked alongside to bring this imagination alive.”

Amarjeet Hudda, COO, Laqshya Solutions, said, “We at Laqshya Group are excited to execute and  display India’s first 3D anamorphic DOOH installation for Tanishq’s special collection – Live a Dream.  Using a technique called ‘Anamorphosis’ to create optical illusions for the viewer has happened in  India for the first time. We see it as a powerful new tool for creatives. The installation is hard to  describe but incredibly easy to view, with the correct perspective, lighting and shadows, which require  no fancy eyewear, mirrors or technology. We are always looking for new ways to surprise consumers  with exciting, imaginative, and meaningful experiences. This project has hit the benchmark for sure.  Through this impactful DOOH branding exercise, we are taking brand immersion to a different level. It is stimulating strong interest and demand in the advertising community.” About Laqshya Media Group – Established in 1997, Laqshya is an award-winning advertising  agency in India. The enterprise is identified by its unparalleled contribution to the ‘Out of Home’  advertising space. For around two and a half decades, the company has been engaged in offering  highly diversified and innovative media solutions to the who’s who in the market. Some of the  clients in outdoor advertising include Daikin, BharatPe, Tanishq, Zee TV, Vivo, etc.

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