In this fast-evolving world, there are many criteria that have been added to this ever-changing virtual world. In the past few years, we have seen an immense rise in good content whether it is in static format or motion.

As per the best PR companies in delhi for online and offline marketers, a video-first content strategy has become crucial when it comes to promoting themselves. A single motion video speaks many languages and can be communicated easily.

In recent years we have seen this surge in good video content if it is able to properly send the message then the plus point is that it will require zero promotion cost as the audience these days also appreciate creativity.

When we commonly talk about an advertisement, marketing, or even any form of media be it electronic or print the common thing among them all is ‘communication’. The crux is that it is about the ‘message’ that we need to send out, everything else is just details in this process.

Now the question is why should we go for the video content strategy? Would it suffice the requirement of the organization?

Well, the answer to this question is that the foremost thing we should take into consideration is that it proves as a viable source in building the trust of our consumers or audience. Nowadays people don’t like to read as it is exhausting, and they don’t have the time to get to that message.

In current times whenever any person visits a website or the profile of any company first thing that they look for in order to learn about that company is the video content.

In this era when everything is going online, traditional PR has become non-existent. Hence, the best PR companies follows the below-mentioned points. These are the few takeaways that you get when you include video content into your strategy: –

  1. Builds trust with your consumers
  2. Enhance media pitches
  3. Short & crisp
  4. Clearly dictates the message
  5. Increase audience engagement

The gist that appears from this is that for the dynamic virtual world including a video PR strategy has become significant in order to achieve your objectives. Best PR companies nowadays focuses on video PR as it helps in working wonders for brand image, attracting consumers, and better media relationships with other brands.    

A successful PR campaign articulates a strong communication strategy. The right message should be clearly included within the strategy for the targeted audience. Also, choosing the right mode of channel for promoting your message is also important. Let’s look at some of the successful PR campaign videos of all time.


a) CampaignGillette Barber Suraksha Programme

        b) Client: Gillette India 

        c) Objective: Past 2 years have been of an immense struggle for everyone around us. People were majorly impacted due to the loss of jobs everywhere which resulted in an extreme struggle for some sections of our society especially the ones who fall under the low-income rate. Some people who were immensely affected included barbers as well. Gillette came forward to support these barbers under their Barber Suraksha Programme wherein these barbers were provided with insurance for Covid plus sanitation kits to protect their loved ones from it.

       d) Engagement numbers/social media reach: This Campaign managed to amass over 45 million views, and over 29 million PR impressions hence, proving to hit the right chord with the audience.

       e) Impact of the campaign: Over the three years, the growth rate of the campaign went to as much as 9 million dollars.

Video Link:


 a) Campaign: Mission Medicine: Delivering Life

  b) Client: Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance

  c) Objective:  The Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance managed to create a campaign spectrum that highlighted the technical competence and emotional driving force behind medicines. They visualized this Mission as Mission Medicine: Delivering Life which celebrated not only the heroes of Covid -19 that including the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff, etc but also the people who helped in the distribution of medicines, and pharma workers, technicians, transporters, etc. in those testing times.  The campaign consisted of a series of videos that narrated the difficulties that these people had to face dues to lockdown.

The aim was to create an emotional angle that the people can resonate with and how via medicines we are all connected. The video managed to win over the netizens and garnered over 2.2 million views across all social media platforms. It received nearly 3 million impressions on Instagram and Facebook.

   e) Campaign Impact:

  Campaign Outcomes – PR:

It got media attention from The Times of India and The Economic Times (print)

Managed to bag a panel discussion with India Today Group which has a total of 1934K viewers per week. After being tied with India Today, Twitter, and YouTube it got to approx. 10 million impressions. Also, it was covered by Mail Today (print) which has a total readership of 42 million not to mention that it received 3 awards from Campaign India PR Awards for the Best Use of Content, Best use of Video, and Integrated Marketing.

Video Link 1:

Video Link 2:


 a) Campaign: Vivel Voice of Art

   b) Client: ITC Vivel

   c) Objective: 

Vivel has successfully nailed their campaign Vivel-Voice of Art. The initiative was about encouraging young minds toward creativity. The campaign successfully ignited a spark of passion among these young individuals to construct a new narrative on the topic of ‘equality’. Many people joined the campaign and presented their views on an equality with their art. This not only infused a sense of collectivity but presented a much promising future for our coming generation

   d) The Campaign managed to reach 7 crores in terms of engagement and social media reach. The estimated PR Value came to about 3,15,90,000 INR amassing a total engagement of 1 million-plus video views that was around 20.5 million and receiving a total no. of impressions of around 75 million.

  e) Impact of the campaign: Vivel’s campaign gave a voice to a topic that so needed to be discussed. It gave the young individuals a platform to express their own views on inequality and patriarchy, being judged based on gender. Vivel received around 400 entries for the art from all over the country filled with progressive views. This campaign was an authentic expression designed for women so that they can say it boldly that ‘Ab Samjhauta Nahi’.


     a) Campaign:  #ItsJustAPeriod

     b) Client: Stayfree

     c) Objective: The objective of this campaign was to educate young girls about mensuration while in lockdown as the schools were closed all over. These girls’ only source of learning about this the proper way was schools or mothers. As they face the restrictions of society knowing about and learning about required time and proper sources. Hence, Stayfree came up with an idea to create a video that was #itsjustperiod in order to target period-related conversations in the family and remove the stigma attached to it. This campaign was further supported by influences on their SM pages which garnered over 120 million outreaches.

       d) No. of Engagement /Reach on Social Media: Integrated Social Media reach consisted of 10.17 million with consist of 1.03 lakh as the total no. of male users. It further collaborated with the celebs like Sonu Sood, PV Sindhu, Rajkumar Rao, Genelia D’Souza, Kritika Kamra, and Sanya Malhotra.              

      e) Impact of the campaign: This campaign not only got good attention from TV channels as well as IANS newsflash and various top news publications such as News18, Outlook, and The Quint. A Marathi publication called Lokmat even featured the story with the call for action by mentioning the hashtag #ItsJustAPeriod.

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